Spring really got going on a Friday in late April at THE COTTAGE HOTEL Hope Cove. Fifty guests and supporters of KASC arrived for a warm welcome and a delicious lunch to raise much needed funds. This lunch was with a difference, a live musical offering was on the menu. KASC Trustee, Gill Whitmore conceived the idea after a conversation with local musician Caroline Evans. Caroline kindly offered to help the charity by the provision of musical entertainment and so the idea evolved, and indeed expanded. Caroline is not only a member of the SALCOMBE JAZZ TRIO but also the founder of a group of singers known as THE SALCOMBE LARKS ‘hatched’ during lockdown. William and Sarah Ireland of THE COTTAGE HOTEL could not have been kinder. The lunch served was home cooked and of the most generous proportions. A warm genuine hospitality was evident the moment the threshold of the building was crossed. As guests found their places at their table they were treated to soft melodious jazz played by THE SALCOMBE JAZZ TRIO before the meal. When the dessert arrived there was a low buzz of excitement as THE SALCOMBE LARKS assembled. This gentle murmur bubbled up into a joyous outburst of song to the surprise and delight of the audience. The programme included many popular melodious anthems which uplifted an already contented mood into shared happiness. Hands waved, bodies swayed and it was smiles all around the room. THE SALCOMBE LARKS clearly enjoyed themselves too. Their joy, raw energy and enthusiasm set the tone for the rest of the day. KASC Trustee, Sandy Gilbert said “ a big heartfelt tha nk you to all the musicians who not only gave of their time today, but we must also appreciate the time given in planning and rehearsals. On behalf of the charity I want to thank all of our guests for coming, and although we are fund raising today and we do need the money, it isn’t just about money. I would like to tell you how gratifying it is to visit our clients. Every client has had a life, everyone has their very own special story. A visit is a portal, it’s rewards are very much a two way experience. Please, even if you have only a little time to spare, say 2 hrs or so a month, then consider becoming a volunteer if you’re not one already.” £755 has been raised from this event so far. If you would like to help to push this up you can donate online via this website, or post a cheque made out to KINGSBRIDGE AND SALTSTONE CARING, Quay House, Ilbert Road, KINGSBRIDGE TQ7 1DZ