Fund raising lunch entitled “PUTIN’S GAME”  held at the THURLESTONE HOTEL 25th April 2018Well known local befriending charity, KINGSBRIDGE AND SALTSTONE CARING hosted a successful lunch during April at the Thurlestone Hotel. 97 guests sat down to lunch and a fascinating talk given by Derek Weaving, Chairman of KASC. The theme was centred upon an attempt to help understand better the Russian psyche. Derek speaks fluent Russian and lived in Moscow for many years, firstly as a Naval Attaché during the Cold War, then as a political advisor to two Deputy Russian Prime Ministers and finally as MD at Renaissance Capital, Moscow.The talk was introduced by KASC supporter Vice Admiral Sir Jonathan Tod KCB CBE and former Deputy Commander in Chief Fleet. Sir Jonathan most ably reminded us of historical events and then set the Cold War scene. Derek followed through with the political and social climate after the fall of the Berlin Wall.Each guest was given an illustrated file and instructed not to turn the pages until invited. As Derek spoke we turned over the pages to view evidence of the events described. Derek had close and personal experience with many Russian personalities that we have all read about in the press during recent years.  Sadly, but unsurprisingly, many have not lived to tell their story. Derek gave some very sobering statistics about the incidence of balcony accidents and unexplained deaths.His knowledge of the Russian language and culture gave insight into reasons for Putin coming to power and how that power is implemented. Sir Jonathan Tod said, “Russia remains that enigma which Churchill coined during the war and an explanation of its behaviour is hard for us outsiders to understand. Fortunately in Derek, who has worked and lived in Russia and has many contacts at a high political level, we were given an insight into the Russian mind and its motivation that can only be done by a person with first hand experience over several years.”The event raised £1198.00 to include a successful raffle and auction of a horse drawn carriage drive and picnic very kindly donated by Jonathan Mathys of Woolcombe. Event Facilitator and KASC Trustee, Sandy Gilbert said, “On behalf of Kingsbridge and Saltstone Caring I wish to thank all those that came to the lunch and participated so generously. In our efforts to top up much needed funds we are broadening the scope of events to attract a wider audience. This talk proved so popular we have been asked to repeat it in an informal setting. We plan to satisfy this request during September in Salcombe and at a Kingsbridge venue later in winter.  Please visit our website to watch for events and perhaps donate. Why not consider becoming a volunteer? The next excitement on the horizon is a fashion show at Avon Mill, September 12th.”Contact information phone: 01548 854588 email: website: