Well known and supported local charity,”SALTSTONE CARING, with offices in Kingsbridge, has changed its name to “KINGSBRIDGE AND SALTSTONE CARING”. This was discussed at length by the trustees and then put to the members to vote upon at the charity’s AGM. The vote was carried unanimously in favour of the change. Alongside this development is a new website, kascare.uk

Chairman of the charity, Derek Weaving says, “ Making ourselves known to those who are in need of a bit of support and finding the volunteers to provide it lies at the heart of all our activities. This means that awareness in the community of our existence and remit are vitally important. At a glance the new name makes clear what we do and where we do it. The new website and refreshed visual image will improve accessibility and reinforce our identity in the minds of local people. With medical and social services under intense pressure from spiralling demand and constrained budgets, there is an ever-growing need for the services of community organisations like ours. We can’t afford to stand still”.

Over the years, the name “Saltstone” has attracted a sense of fond attachment. The reason that “Saltstone” has grown to include “Kingsbridge” is to become more accessible to more people in a modern world. It was found that newcomers to the area, or even local people unfamiliar with the name of ‘Saltstone’ who searched for local charities on the web would search under “K” for ‘Kingsbridge’, thereby missing out on “Saltstone Caring”.

The old website at “Saltstone Caring” has served its purpose over 10 years, but things move on. It was established that you can’t keep the same shop window, so a new website has been born. The site is more colourful, easy to read and has much improved donation links to be able to donate directly on line, kascare.uk. is accessible now, but is still work in progress.

Trustee Sandy Gilbert says, “Kingsbridge and Saltstone Caring”s new website is still growing, like a spring flower it is still emerging from the bulb! However, you can access it now so why not take a peek and see how it develops, go to kascare.uk. I love the new logo, I am confident that over the next year it will be an image seen out and about in town synonymous with the good work of a truly locally based charity. We need more volunteers, so click on kascare.uk and read all about it.”