Sandy Gilbert hosted an Indigo Dyeing Session delivered by the South Hams Spinners at Washbrook Farm.


Indigo is probably the most widely used dyestuff of all time – indeed denim jean material is still coloured using indigo dye as it is extremely wash fast. It was used many centuries before the Christian era in the Far East. Marco Polo saw indigo being prepared in China during the 13th century; at that time European dyers were obtaining blue colours from woad (Isatis tinctoria) which contains the same indigo molecule. Traditional methods of indigo dyeing can be observed today in Africa, Mexico, India and Japan; indigo vats can be found in almost any country in the developing world, as dyers have adapted age-old techniques to their local situations.  Indigo dye is used extensively for batik and shibori.

A great day was had by all, and KASC would like to record their thanks for the generous donation made from the event