“Saltstone Strollers Boldly Go Through Mud, Sweat and No Tears”

Gill Whitmore, Fitness Instructor and Trustee for local charity, Saltstone Caring, put together a team, the “Saltstone Strollers” to run the 2017 MUD AND SWEAT challenge at Dart Country Park. A 10km gruelling cross country challenge complete with assault course obstacles was enthusiastically tackled by team members Sally Norsworthy, David Raeburn, Lisa Joynes, Natalie Stebner, Nikki Fothergill, Ali Lennon, Gilly Harris, Patricia Hitchens, Julie Morgan, Fiona and Ian Hughes, ages ranging from 30 to 71 years young.

At the 5km marker the teams squeezed through a dark narrow drain under a lane merging into cold running water and then run on and do the whole course again, smiling.

Saltstone Strollers performed well maintaining mid field position and everyone completed the circuit safely. Team Leader Gill Whitmore said, “ the aim was to raise money for Saltstone Caring who do so much locally for the lonely and the isolated. We hope that we also raised the profile of the charity who are very much in need of more volunteers. My grateful thanks go to the team and to their supporters, we are on the way to raising a much needed thousand pounds.”